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If you are an importer or dealership in the automotive sector, below you will find three specific ways we have managed to transform the sale of vehicles, motorcycles and scooters nationwide, conquering more than 90% of the brands in just two years of operation.


Standardization of impressive business proposals with strict brand guidelines and high graphic quality.


The best sales representatives in the automotive sector are restless and proactive. Some have their own repository of PDF technical data sheets for the models that they sell; they send these documents that they send to customers and accompany them with pictures and links to external videos that they build as they see fit, using sources of information, and, in most cases, openly breaking of the parent company’s strict brand guidelines, and even presenting commercial proposals with models that differ from the real version that is being sold to the customer. Be careful because this error can be misinterpreted as “misleading information” and end in exhausting legal processes that involve millions in fines, as publicly stated by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) on its website [See article here]


As part of the process of implementing Prolibu, we include an important consulting, design and parameter setting stage for impressive and tailor-made commercial proposals, following the brand guidelines to the letter and allowing sales representatives to deliver standardized quotations instantly, with authorized and detailed technical information. This includes unlimited graphic resources, such as image galleries, videos, a 360° view of the interior of the vehicles and components that allow the customer to interact with the model that is being priced in real time, experiment with the entire range of available colors and even add an accessory without ever exiting the same proposal.

Some of our customers in the sector have come to include insurance and financing of the vehicle quoted within the commercial proposal itself, adding an interest rate installment calculator, so that the customer can study different payment scenarios.

If you are an importer and implement Prolibu in your business network, you will be able to guarantee that any proposal placed on the market strictly follows the brand guidelines and ensures that the versions of the models offered to the customer match those presented in the commercial proposal. Even any change in the texts or images will be automatically reflected in all the proposals of the business network.

On the other hand, if you are a dealership and decide to implement the platform in your sales team, you will have the same benefits, and in addition you will be able to include, among others, all the brands in your distribution network.


Prediction of the customer’s true purchase interest compared to the quoted vehicle.


A sales representative is completely subjective when determining if the customer is really interested in acquiring the vehicle or not. When doing this, the representative uses the experience they have gained during their years as sales representative, evaluating criteria such as personal appearance, situation and job position, whether they are a current customer and is interested in a buyback, if they know the brand or model that they are quoting, etc… The fact is that such subjectivity brings with it a high margin of error and makes it difficult to identify customers with a real purchase intention.


One of the main characteristics of Prolibu is the ability to predict the customer’s true purchase interest objectively by using machine learning algorithms, where the platform analyzes multiple indicators, such as the quantity, time and regularity of the customer’s opening of the offer, statistically determining which proposals are placed on the market with a high probability of closure.

Undoubtedly, Prolibu’s purchase prediction in the automotive sector stands out due to the high margin of precision, especially in Latin America, due to the high cost of vehicle acquisition that forces the buyer to seek advice and carefully study the market options with relatives, friends and acquaintances, before making the final decision.

Prolibu allows the sales representative to identify scenarios, such as the customer who has studied the commercial proposal tirelessly during the last week, so that they may to pay special attention to that customer and let in the background the kind gentleman who visited the showcase and, although he effusively expressed great interest, only opened the proposal on that occasion more than 15 days ago.


Granular management of the sales team and the proposals put on the market.


CRM tools in the automotive sector have a series of blind spots that revolve around the commercial proposal, leaving questions such as: At what point was the offer sent? Did the client actually receive it? They received it, but when was the last time they studied it? Is the client still interested? What offer was actually sent to the client? Unknown facts like these, and the lack of support for a coordinator to correctly evaluate his sales team or corroborate that a sale is indeed about to be closed based solely on the representative’s word, make the process an enigma.


With Prolibu, the business management of the sales team coordinators is supported by 100% real data, generated by the interaction between representative and customer through the commercial proposal. These data show the date of creation of the offer and the waiting time, to a detailed record of the time and regularity of the openings throughout the negotiation stage, all the way to the first visit. This way, the sales follow-up and the validation of sales opportunities, with a high probability of closing by the coordinator, can be supported by the activity revealed by each commercial proposal.


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